What will it look like to work together?

I feel privileged to guide you to new beginnings as you discover more of your personal and professional potential. All coaching is provided over the phone and online, so location is not a challenge. Our initial conversation explores your current desires and challenges. The coaching program follows a time-tested, proven methodology, but the experience is always custom and unique to you. Together we will work on the change you desire, what you want and the practical action steps you will take to make this change happen.

Let’s walk together through the journey we will take…

We begin with a completely FREE 45 minute discovery session which will let us know if firstly we are a match to work together and how I can commit to you to champion with you on your journey to becoming your best self. I only want to work with clients who are truly a match - and who are willing to get results. We can make it fun, enlightening and engaging, it must however come with both our commitment and your accountability, in that it is your responsibility to take the action steps for yourself. I can assure you if you do, you will get the results you desire and if you don’t nothing will change.

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Empowerment – Change your Mindset, Change your Life Program

3 months dedicated to an important goal or life change

Together we will:
  • Build your vision
  • Develop consistency in your mindset approach
  • Promote a positive focus and achieve clarity
  • Move you beyond what you fear
  • Build your Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Accomplish your goals

What is included:

  • 1 to 1 Coaching by Skype or Telephone
  • Fortnightly 45 minute Concise sessions or a monthly 90 minute session
  • Accountability Tasks
  • Development plan
  • Feedback to continue moving you forward
  • Email support
  • Phone support between sessions (maximum 10 minute call – must be scheduled)

My program will offer the following results if you are ready to be a serious player…

  • Confidence blossoms when you rediscover your authentic values and learn to live by them.
  • Goal attainment by undertaking tasks to introduce new thinking and behaviours
  • Effective decision making. Get more things done with swift, precise decisions
  • Greater clarity and focus is achieved through mindful living.
  • Identified mindset shifts for happier interpersonal relationships. Miscommunication and anger gets cleared up with proven methodologies you will learn to positively transform those difficulties in relationships
  • Energy shifts. Good things start happening for you and around you. Why? Because your energy is shifted and positivity is flowing. You are your mindset.
  • Tested your new techniques and strategies to build your own surety and certainty

Accomplish something amazing NOW!

Transformation – Change your Mind and Stick to it for Success Program

6 months program $ 1680 exc gst ($280 monthly)

Everything the 3 month Empowerment program has only we delve deeper to install change, something powerful happens when you commit 6 months to transforming your life and business for the better…

  • Overwhelm and exhaustion shift to clarity and excitement.
  • Deep-rooted patterns are revealed (and left behind if they no longer serve you).
  • Tangible, visible changes can take place in every area of your life.
  • You have the space & time you need to successfully launch a new venture, or re-design and transform your current brand/business.

Double and triple your success NOW!

4-D Health and Wellness Transformation Package

3 Month minimum program, $3,000.00 exc GST ***

BONUS 12 month High Performance Wellness Program (online) valued at $299

Do you need to completely overhaul your life (and kitchen), but feel lost and confused? You’re not alone!

I’ll help you from start to finish with your lifestyle success, I’m here to help you every single step of the way because we want lasting results! Please note: Travel fees may apply if I’m in your local area.

What is included:

  • Initial discovery session.
  • Comprehensive plan of action – to be mutually agreed upon.
  • 12 month on-line High Performance Wellness Program.
  • 3 month exercise program tailored to reach your fitness goal.
  • Smart Shopping – This is so fun! I’ll show you how to make the best, most delicious choices at your local grocery stores.
  • Get organised and let’s put your kitchen together. Out with the old, and in with the fabulous and new!
  • Get cooking and together, we’ll create dishes you (and your family, if applicable) will absolutely love. Preparation is key and I will show you cooking in bulk is easy and saves time long term.
  • Supplementation is key to optimal cellular health, together we will discover what you need to increase your energy and to support and nourish your body.
  • Checking in –we’ll have weekly 30 minute check-ins for three months to make sure you’re doing well and that your questions are answered. Your long-term success is very important to me!

Reinvent and transform your life today?

High Performance Wellness Program

12 month online program

$299 – ex gst online program

In partnership with Guy Leech this 12 month wellness program is about you being at your best and creating a healthier happier work/life balance.

What is included:

  • Initial 1:1 Coaching session to go over your score and set up your program
  • Video from iconic celebrities and industry experts such as Layne Beechley, Kerri Pottharst, Herb Elliot to name a few.
  • Resources, documents and strategies to assist you implement the program.
  • Assessment includes the 11 core areas of your life with regular emails to keep you motivated and on track to achieving your goals.

Please watch this video explaining how this High Performance Wellness Program works and what it can do for you.

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